AI that writes essays – writes 10x faster with GPT-3

Do you have many essays to write, but don't have the time to do them? Do you struggle to find the inspiration to do your research? If so, you might be interested in trying out an AI that helps you write essays, articles, and more. In this article, I'll explain how GPT-3, the AI that is revolutionizing the way you write, works, and AI Content Labs, the platform that will help you use GPT-3 at the next level.

¿What is GPT-3?

It is an autoregressive linguistic model that uses Deep Learning to generate texts that simulate human writing. It is the third generation of language prediction models in the GPT series created by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research lab based in San Francisco. In other words, it is the AI that writes essays.

How to access GPT-3?

To access GPT-3 you simply need to register at this link. When you do so, you will be given an initial credit of $18 to test the tool. This credit is enough to produce essays of thousands of words without any inconvenience.

How to write essays in GPT-3?

Once registered, enter the “Playground” where you have a codeless platform to test this technology. GPT-3 has 4 models, where Curie and Davinci are the best for producing long texts.

We will start by giving you a simple instruction: Write a list of possible topics to cover for a project management essay.

AI that writes essays GPT-3

The AI quickly generated a list of possible points that we can cover in our essay. Now we will generate an introductory text for our essay. We delete the generated content and create a new instruction.

AI that writes essays GPT-3

As you can see, AI has generated coherent and useful content for article and essay writing; however, you still have one drawback. You have to keep deleting, copying and pasting text in parts to complete your writing, which can be tedious for many of us. That's where AI Content Labs comes in, a platform for writing content with GPT-3 in an easier and faster way.

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AI Content Labs

AI Content Labs is a tool developed by the PM Calculators team that helps you produce content using technologies such as GTP-3 and others, in a much easier, faster and cheaper way.

It is oriented to writing, as it provides document creation functionalities, keyboard shortcuts, folder organization, generation history, template creation, workflows, content export in DOCX format and much more. To use it, you must first connect your GPT-3 account to the platform by entering your API key. You can see the instructions here.

Next, we will show what the writing experience at AI Content Labs is like:

First, we create a document in the “Long Form” section with the name “Project Management Essay”. Now we will place the instruction to generate the introduction and press “Generate” (or you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J):

AI that writes essays AI Content Labs

Then, we will produce a list of possible topics to be discussed. To do this, it is not necessary to delete the previous text generated, just add three asterisks at the beginning of the instruction.

AI that writes essays AI Content Labs

This way, you do not need to delete the previous content, as the three asterisks tell the AI to ignore all the text in the previous part and only take the instruction into account. This will also help you save on the use of tokens.

We continue the creation of the essay by asking the AI to generate explanatory paragraphs for each subheading. We use the three asterisks to make it faster.

Finally, we make the necessary corrections and add the necessary formatting to download our essay in DOCX format.

AI that writes essays AI Content Labs

We generated a 2000+ word text in less than 10 minutes. That's how efficient the GPT-3 + AI Content Labs combo is.

Other AIs who write essays

While GPT-3 is one of the best technologies for text creation, it is not the only one. There are other options available, which you can also use within AI Content Labs. Among them, we have:

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All of the above options have generous trial plans, so you can experience the one that best suits your needs.

AI Writing Assistants

In the market you will find other great AI writing tools; however, most of them use some mentioned technologies as a source for content generation; however, when reselling your access through their website, they add a cost to each word generated to have a profit margin, so their prices are not cheap.

Even so, we must highlight the one that has performed best in this sector so far: Currently, it has achieved an investment round of 125 million dollars at a valuation of 1.5 billion. It is an excellent option if you have sufficient resources to cover its costs; however, we believe you can achieve the same results with the GPT-3 + AI Content Labs.

Tips for creating better essays thanks to AI:

Although these technologies help us to write faster, it does not mean that they will perform the whole essay automatically; on the contrary, being a writing assistant, requires supervision and guidance from us to guide the perspective of the text to be created. In that sense, for efficient use, the following is recommended:

1. Verify the information

Artificial intelligence can try to be creative and often invents names, places, or dates that may not match the actual information. In such cases, it is important to always verify that this type of data is correct. Another option is to reduce the temperature setting as much as possible.

2. It works best for general topics:

The AI is exceptional for writing articles related to broad topics such as Business Management, Marketing, Logistics, among others; however, it will not be as effective in very technical or specific topics; for example: Aspects of Classical and Quantum Dynamics of Canonical General Relativity.

3. Provide guidance on what content we want to obtain:

The tool is guided by the inputs and the command you give it. The better the quality of your inputs, the better results you will get; for example, You can use “In conclusion” to tell the AI to write you a conclusion. If you use hyphens or numbers, the tool will also interpret them and return data in the form of a list.

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As a recommendation, use one of these words before asking the AI to continue writing:

  • However,
  • In conclusion,
  • In summary,
  • For example,
  • Then,
  • In addition to the above,
  • In contrast,
  • In addition, etc.

4. Be careful with an inappropriate subject:

Artificial intelligence has been set up to avoid dealing with inappropriate content such as adult content, politics, and so on.

5. It doesn’t mean it will do all the work for you:

Remember that AI is a tool to help you write better content, much faster; however, in no way replaces the quality and reliability of a human being; so you must supervise and direct at all times that the result is a good essay or report.

Final Reflection

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds, and what once seemed like a distant future is now part of our present. We are convinced that these tools can increase your personal productivity at school/university and even at work when writing your projects, essays and reports.

If you need any clarification about these tools, you can write to us at [email protected], and we can provide you more information about them.