Geometric Mean Calculator Online

The geometric mean belongs to the three classical Pythagorean means, in addition to the arithmetic mean and the harmonic mean, and is used to evaluate topics such as proportional growth, exponential growth, interest rates, and others. To learn how to calculate this value, we have created and made our online geometric mean calculator available to you.

Geometric Mean Calculator

What is the geometric mean?

The geometric mean is defined as the n-th root of the product of a set of “n” numbers. Mathematically it is expressed as follows:

geometric mean formula

The geometric mean only applies to positive numbers.

Its practical uses can be seen in video aspect ratio evaluations, computer science, drug effect time analysis, population growth, financial rates, water quality standards, and even the United Nations Human Development Index.

How to use the online geometric mean calculator?

The operation of our application is effortless and intuitive. For more details, we provide the following instructions:

  • Choose the options of your preference for the decimal separator and the data separator.
  • Enter the data to be used to calculate the geometric mean. If there is an error in the data entry, a message will be displayed at the bottom. Avoid line breaks in the data entry.
  • Click on solve.
  • Now you will be able to visualize the geometric mean and the detail of the calculations performed.

To illustrate the steps, we will see an example:

Example of Geometric Mean Calculation:

Calculate the geometric mean of 4, 8, 3, 9, and 17.


We record the data in the application:

geometric mean calculator


Click on solve and we will see the following:

Geometric Mean: 6.8138

geometric average calculator

You will also find a “Copy link to share results” button. By clicking it, you can copy the problem link to solve the problem again without rewriting the data. Also, you will see two links to use the same data to calculate the arithmetic mean or the harmonic mean.

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Final Reflection

As seen throughout the article, the geometric mean is a value widely used for certain types of statistical analysis, so as students, we must know how it is obtained. With our geometric mean calculator, it will be easier for you to approach this subject.