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Below you will find our online calculator of the Big M method where you can solve linear programming problems easily and quickly. This tool has the same operation and aesthetics very similar to our online application of the two-phase simplex method.

Big M Method Calculator - Free Version

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How to use the Big M Method Calculator

To use our application, you must perform the following steps:

  • Enter the number of variables and constraints of the problem.
  • Select the type of problem: maximize or minimize.
  • Enter the coefficients in the objective function and the constraints. You can enter negative numbers, fractions, and decimals (with point).
  • Click on “Solve”.
  • The online calculator will adapt the entered values to the standard form of the simplex algorithm and create the first table.
  • Depending on the sign of the constraints, the normal simplex algorithm or the big M method is used.
  • We can see step by step the iterations and tables of the exercise.
  • In the last part will show the results of the problem.

It is important to emphasize that the Big M method is used to solve problems with constraints with equal and greater or equal signs. These types of constraints will add artificial variables to the standard linear programming model. If the problem only has less or equal sign constraints, the calculator will solve it with the traditional simplex method. In any case, our tool can solve any type of problem, be it minimization and/or maximization.
In the same way as in our previous calculator, for problems with over 20 variables, we recommend using some specialized software.

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Final reflection

We are sure that our online calculator of the Big M method will become your major ally for practicing this methodology and being successful in your exams and/or assignments. Remember that we have more linear programming calculators available for you.

We remind you that the objective of this tool is to learn the simplex method and the Big M, so the use that you can give it is exclusively under your responsibility. Also, we are not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the results.

If you have questions about it or find an error in our application, we will appreciate if you can write to us on our contact page.