Graphical Method Calculator – Linear Programming πŸ₯‡

Optimizing linear programming problems with the graphical method will be easier with our new graphical method calculator for linear programming.

This version is available for free and online for all our visitors and will be updated in the coming weeks to include a version for those who are part of our membership. This application is sufficient to solve a large percentage of the classic 2-variable linear programming exercises.

Graphical Method Calculator - Linear Programming


Objective Function:



Constraint 1:


Constraint 2:


X1, X2 β‰₯ 0

How to use the Online Graphical Method Calculator

The use of our calculator is very simple and intuitive, however, we will explain its use step by step:

  • Before starting, you must have made the approach of the model to be optimized. Remember that for the graphical method we normally work with 2 decision variables.
  • You must enter the coefficients of the objective function and the constraints. You can enter integer values, fractions and decimals. Likewise, you must also select the sign of the inequalities.
  • To enter the coefficients of the objective function and the constraints, you can use integer values as well as fractions and decimals. You must also select the sign of the inequalities.
  • Click on “Graph”.
  • Once you spin the load spinner for a couple of seconds, you will see the graph of each constraint, feasible region, and objective function.
  • You can change the labels, drag the graph, zoom in on any point, and download the image by pressing the download button (Save Image).
  • You can find the optimal solution and the details of the results in the final part. Furthermore, you can consider special linear programming cases like unbounded, infinitive and infeasible solutions.

This calculator facilitates your learning of the graphical method and combines well with our simplex method application (two phases) and our Big M Method calculator.

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Final Reflection

Linear programming is a mathematical method of determining the best way to utilize a limited set of resources in order to meet the needs of the organization, and that is why it is frequently covered in courses in business and engineering. That is why we have more linear programming calculators available for your use.

PMCalculators has crafted this calculator with the aim of continuing to contribute to your understanding on this topic. We hope that you will let us know if you find a malfunction or error in the results.